Blues Festival 2020

Rotorua Blues Festival 2020
The Rotorua Blues Festival is held annually usually in June over the Queens Birthday long weekend but this year due to the COVID Pandemic the Committee decided in March to postpone it to October to the Labour long Weekend. After many delays in the planning due to the uncertainty of the Lockdowns and what was happening worldwide the Club still managed to attract 31 Groups from all over the North Island. Unfortunately our regular Australian Headliners who usually come over couldn’t manage it except the well known Jan “Boogie Woogie” Preston from Sydney who had to go thru the two weeks managed Isolation before the Festival. Thank you for that Jan!
A special mention to HBS for their support a second year running with running one of our venues “The Social Club” for the Festival. HBS celebrated their 25th year Anniversary of their Society during this event. It was great honour to have them part of the Festival. A big thank you HBS for your support.
Thank you again to Rob Powley and Rotorua Intermediate and the very talented musicians Roy Hudson from Hybrid Blues and our local musicians Michael Barker, Peri Grant and young Sean Lurman who gave tuition to the next generation of musicians.
Special Thanks
To all our performers and support people who made this Festival possible, without you it wouldn’t have happened. Bop Blues sincerely thanks you all. 
Some Festival Highlight’s