Paul Hindrup

Paul has been playing and performing in bands as a drummer / percussionist since he was 12 years old. In that time, he also spent several years tutoring while attending university at the same time. Now days Paul continues to play and perform in a busy cover band, collaborates with individuals who want to perform their own original music, and more recently has been involved in direct mentoring of young performers through an initiative that includes other musical collaborators with the purpose of promoting and developing young local talent – of which there is plenty! Paul has been a member of the Bay of Plenty Blues Club for 8 years now, and a sitting committee member for the last 6 years which has also included a stint as a past president. He continues to serve on the committee as the jam night marshal, as well as musical director for the annual blues festival that the BOP Blues Club facilitates. He is a great supporter of blues music, as it is the progenitor of many forms of modern music today that can trace its roots back to the blues.

Paul Hindrup – Marshall