Jam Rules

BOP Blues Club Night and Jam Rules

  1. The “Club Marshall” is the BOP Blues Club representative in charge of the
    club night / jam program.
  2. All performers must register with the Club Marshall on arrival and provide
    details of the music they will play and who they wish to play with, if anyone.
    The Club Marshall will then allocate a space within the evenings program.
    Priority will be given to Club members.
  3. We are a Blues Club, so for the enjoyment of our members, Please play Blues only. The Club Marshall will advise as to suitability if there is any doubt.
  4. All Musicians – please limit your set to three (3) songs and a maximum time on
    stage of twenty (20) minutes.
  5. Change-over time between sets should be as swift as possible.
  6. The Club Marshall or any allocated representative maintains the right to
    control volume levels, so please don’t be offended if you are asked to turn
    down the volume.
  7. All musicians are asked to take care of BOP Blues equipment and equipment
    belonging to other musicians, and pay for any damage that occurs whilst
    being used by them.
  8. BOP Blues Committee has the right to ban or reprimand any person/s who
    display negligent, disruptive or anti-social behavior.
  9. Registration does not guarantee that you will play on the night, this depends
    on the numbers registering and time allowed.

Download the Jam Rules as a PDF file